What kind of “Liker” are you?

LikeIn the modern age of instant gratification it’s no surprise that when you broadcast something on Facebook you want a flood of “Likes” in response. The innocent thumbs up symbol can make you feel validated, appreciated, loved and respected, but the absence of the like leaves you feeling unloved, insecure and perplexed. Trust me, I know. I think I may suffer from “like anxiety”. If there’s not a medical term for it now, I am sure it won’t be long before there is one.

“Likes” are Facebook’s social currency, and there is plenty of thumbs up action going on. After all it feels good to be liked and social acceptance is no exception.  But are you a genuine liker, or an automatic one? Do you actually like the things you “like” on Facebook?

When I launched my blog and Facebook page I had no idea how I would come to scrutinise and catalogue the number or likes, shares and comments.  Or more noticeably, the silence. Such is the curse of the social like.  Over the past 18 months I have learnt to distinguish the different types of likers. Here are my observations:

The Serial liker: As the name suggests, this person pretty much likes anything in their feed. They are on social media a lot and that little thumbs up from them comes up a nano-second after you’ve posted your update. Love the serial liker. The serial liker is gold for bloggers. They often get the cycle of likes coming. Someone has to start it of. Although their sincerity is questionable (I mean seriously, can they really like every crappy update about your children?) but it really doesn’t matter.

The Discerning liker: This person is far harder to charm and they don’t give away their likes easily. They actually think about what you’ve written or photographed and if they are not convinced, they don’t like. From a political rant to a fairly innocuous pinterest pic, if they don’t like what they see, they aint gonna like it. On the upside, getting the thumbs up from the Discerning liker is quite a thrill.

The Agreeable liker: Consistently affable and complimentary, the Agreeable liker lives up to their name, agreeing with pretty much whatever you say. Either you’ve nailed the message-to-market beautifully and they genuinely do agree with you, or they are just as agreeable online as they are in person.

The Disagreeable liker: This person doesn’t seem to agree with much. They have an opinion and aren’t afraid to share it on Facebook. They were probably head of the debating team in high school. Or perhaps they are actually quite shy in person but online they find their voice.

The Aloof liker: Much like a distant crush, this person pops up now and then but there’s no consistency to their presence. They may like one post, but not the next.  Don’t push too hard with them. They don’t stick around too long and are likely to shut down if you try to engage with them. They arrive late to the party and leave early. The trick with this relationship is to know just the right time to stop the conversation. Push them too hard and they’ll get frustrated. Don’t show too much interest. A fine balance is the key to sustaining this liker.

The Giveaway liker: This liker is a lurker – lurking in the background just waiting for a giveaway or competition update. You don’t see this person pop up in the comments section outside of freebie Fridays. All of a sudden they have an opinion when there’s something on offer.

The Teaser liker: This so-called Facebook friend is online liking everyone else’s updates apart from yours. You are most likely very close with this person which is why it’s so confusing. This person is usually glued to their device so you know they can’t be missing your updates. They taunt you by liking every pic and status update on their feed but for some unknown reason they are not liking what you are posting.

Recognise yourself in this line-up? What kind of “liker” are you?

* In the interest of full discloser, I love getting liked. So if you haven’t already liked me, it’s time you did! Come on, “Like” me, please at Not another slippery dip. I’ll like you back. I am a payback liker! 

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    Hilarious! A very funny post. I think I am a mixed bag of all of them (apart from the Teaser Liker….they seem like meanies!). It all depends on what kind of week I am having!

  2. says

    LOL. Thanks Han. Yes, I wrote this post after our conversation about it. I reckon there’s quite a psychology behind it – from both the liker and the likee!

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    I like those posts worthy of liking. I’m not going to like something just so I can press like. You have to entertain me. You have to make me think. You have to offer me something. I went and liked you Facebook page and the first thing I noticed is that you’ve shared that Murphy’s Law meme that Essential Kids posted yesterday which was shared by 50,000 other mum bloggers (you are still using the Queen’s English I hope) I follow along with 6,000,000 mothers I am friends with (hyperbole, I love it).

    So, should I like THEIR post of it? Should I like YOUR share of it? How about my wife’s share of it? Her friends? My friends? Who, who, who?

    PS. I will go back to Facebook and like your share. I know YOU will appreciate it.

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      Sorry, my Queen’s English comment was because I thought you moved to the States as per your News.com.au story today. I was wrestling with my toddler getting him to sleep and realised I hadn’t actually read the last bit where you said that you didn’t make the move. Next time I will read the full story . My bad. But I did read all of this one.

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        LOL! I know what it’s like to never get through an article, or coffee, or shower uninterrupted!! That’s life with toddlers. So, yeah, we decided not to make the move but it wasn’t an easy decision as there were attractive parts to moving there. Ultimately it just didn’t add up but I am glad we got to visit Mo Town!

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      OK, so I need to seriously “earn” your like. I intend to do just that! And of course I am still using the Queen’s English. It’s simple really: Always “Like” my post. Always :-)