Great Christmas Gift Ideas

xmasHow long is your Christmas gift list? If it’s anything like mine, it’s long! Christmas is fast approaching and when you have young children, you’re not only buying presents from you, but also on behalf of the children to aunties, uncles and especially grandparents. Choosing gifts for your parents can be a challenge year after year, but buying on behalf of your kids for them doesn’t need to be hard.

Gift ideas for the Grandparents:


A classic board game is a great low cost gift idea for the grandparents from the kids as is something the whole family can enjoy together time and time again. A fun new game can make for great wholesome family entertainment on Christmas day or any time the children visit. Alternatively, buy a craft set or child friendly gardening set and bulbs or seeds as something for the children to do with their grandparents when they visit them in months to come. Grandparents always appreciate ideas for activities they can do with their grandchildren.

New technology

If you have older children and a larger budget, buying the grandparents a joint present such as an iPad or a Kindle makes for the perfect Christmas gift.

Not only are these gadgets useful and entertaining for older generations, if the grandparents aren’t familiar with new technology your children can teach them how to use it while getting some much needed bonding time. Digital radios and cameras also make handy technological gifts that grandparents will appreciate.

Photo album

Grandparents always love to receive photos of their grandchildren as gifts, so this year scrap the standard school photo and crank up the nostalgia with personalised photo books filled with memories and pictures of the grandchildren that they can keep forever and look back on over the years. As the photos are printed directly onto the paper they can’t fall out or get damaged and the book can be personalised to make an original and unique gift. Create a different photo book each Christmas full of the year’s photos to make a readily available collection of family memories.


A hamper can be a lovely gift, and can be adapted to suit your budget. Your children can have fun picking out the perfect hamper or create your own hamper using a wicker basket, ribbon and all of the grandparent’s favourite snacks and treats (and some of your children’s favourites too!) for the perfect Christmas gift.


There’s nothing like a handmade gift from the heart, especially from very young children. Your kids can have fun making handmade personalised cards, pictures and collages to give to their grandparents this Christmas, at very little cost. Alternatively, find your nearest make-your-own pottery shop and take the kids on a day out to craft hand painted bowls, mugs and vases, sure to put a smile on any grandparent’s face.

Gifts for childcare/preschool/school staff

Naturally we want to thank the carers and educators who have looked after our kids at childcare, kinder or school. But if you have more than one child buying gifts for everyone can add up. It doesn’t need to be expensive and a simple, handmade card will be well received.  But if you want to go one step further here are some other ideas that you can buy on your own or in a group.

Go Green

A plant is a lovely gift as it’s something that is living. A little succulent in an eco seeding pot can be planted straight in the ground. Try getting the cuttings from existing plants so it’s cost effective. Herbs are also a great addition to any garden.


Who doesn’t love a little bit of pampering? A massage or spa voucher is a lovely gift to help someone rejuvenate after a tiring year. Makeup, scented candles or an oil diffuser also make lovely, therapeutic gifts.

Get baking

If cooking is your thing bake a batch of home made cookies, shortbread, rum balls or rocky road. You can easily present these goodies in cellophane tied with Christmas ribbon or in a nice bowl so it’s something they can keep. For something a little different, fill some jars with homemade spice mix or chutney. Tie it with Christmas ribbon and attach an ornament for a festive treat.


Give the gift of an experience such as movie tickets, a magazine subscription, or tickets to a local theatre production (team up with another family or two). For a gift with a social conscience buy a goat or chook from Oxfam or a similar charity, and explain the meaning behind it with your child.

Have you started your Christmas shopping yet? Do you have any other great suggestions for Christmas gifts on behalf of your little ones?

Disclosure: This post was brought to you by photobox with input from my readers. A big thank you to those of you who helped with the gift ideas for teachers and childcare staff. I’ll be baking cherry ripe balls & rocky road!



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    This year I did instagram photo books for the grandparents. I usually do hampers, but since my baby was only born this year I think they will like the photo books more as they are all obsessed with her :)

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    You do special gifts from the kids to grandparents? Wow. I do a photo calendar each year of their grandson so I guess that would class as a gift from him but it would never be more than this token thing. They get a main gift from me and my son’s name will be on that until he is old enough to buy his own gift if he chooses.